The Historic Centurian Building

The Centurian Building located at 1182 Broadway in Manhattan was constructed between 1908-1910. The Centurian Building was  designed in the Beaux-Arts style by William L Rouse for the Century Holding Company. It is a contributing building within the Madison Square North Historic District, which has been certified by the Secretary of the Interior as meeting the requirements for listing in the National Register of Historic places.

Mocal Enterprises, with its President Calvin C Haddad and his team have strived to reconstruct the past. Hoping to bring back the era of the early 1900's both in it's beauty, energy  and life that The Centurian Building deserves.

The Centurian  Building  has been part of the HADDAD  Family for the past 35 years. We all welcome you to your new home and hope you will appreciate and enjoy living here as much as we have had reconstructing The Centurian Building for you.