Mocal Enterprises, Inc.

Family owned and operated for the past four decades and now in its third generation, Mocal Enterprises, Inc.owns and operates property in New York City and Boca Raton, Florida. The firm has a small, loyal team that is dedicated to finding the best space for you in their many self owned buildings. Whether it be incredibly spacious apartments or high quality office space, not to mention street level retail, Mocal has it all. Best of all, with Mocal you get a personal touch that you simply won't find anywhere else. Mocal has cornered the market in the up and coming NoMad neighborhood in New York City, and plans to continue to grow in the coming years. President Calvin C. Haddad brings a wealth of expertise and experience, as well as a strong sense of family, that truly makes Mocal Enterprise, Inc. one of the most unique and exciting real estate owner/operators in all of New York City.

BuiltIn Studio

BUILTIN studio is a full-service design firm, born in Brooklyn, based in Manhattan. Their team of design experts brings a practical, hands-on understanding of materiality, constructability, and an environmentally conscience design sensitivity to each project—be it a piece of cabinetry, full apartment renovation, or multi-unit building. Prior to opening BuiltIN studio in 2008, founding partners Gary Eisner and Terence Kinee managed some of the largest high-end residential development projects of the time at Kondylis Design. It is their core appreciation and understanding of architecture and design that enables them to approach every project, from conception to completion, with a fresh and holistic perspective, always considering their client’s ideas, budget and context.

Elliman Development Marketing

As The Centrian Building's exclusive marketing and leasing agent, Douglas Elliman Development Marketing continues to harness its experience and resources to successfully devise, execute and maintain creative marketing strategies that keep their clients’ properties the most sough-after in their respective markets. From conception to completion, Douglas Elliman Development Marketing applies its industry expertise, seasoned team of on-site professionals, experience, and reputation to market some of New York City’s most luxurious residential buildings.